What I Do

I will manage your project from initial conception to completion and then provide ongoing support as required.

All of my websites are now developed using WordPress, which I believe powers a staggering 25% of websites world wide.

I offer the complete range of services that your business requires to get a presence on the Internet:

Name registration

Before you can get your website up and running you will need to register your website address (domain name). Please give me a call before you do this. Some names are more valuable than others and a quick check of what is available to register could make a significant difference to how much traffic your website will get.

Website design

I’ve worked on over 600 projects since 1997, my portfolio represents the very wide range of companies I have worked with. Please take a few minutes to look through.

Website hosting

The Internet is an enormous collection of web sites, all hosted on computers called web servers all over the world. The web server where your web site sits is known as the web host which has a constant, fast connection to the Internet. I will manage all aspects of webhosting for you, including email.

In addition, I provide ongoing support, so if you are stuck updating your website, just give me a call or email and I will be able to help.


If you are looking to selling online I can offer a variety of effective solutions to get your shop online.

Want to manage your own site?

Many customers wish to maintain their Web website and the most popular solution is WordPress. If you have basic word processing skills, within 30 minutes you will have the ability to update and add pages to your site.

I provide training and ongoing support with my hosting packages, so if you need help, I am here to provide it.

Social Media

Social Media is most definitely here to stay. It will no doubt evolve over the next decade, but it is working as an effective marketing tool for many of my clients and if you need me to assist with your social media marketing I can do that.