A few things about links

The good news and bad news about links is that they do count, but they count for very little if they are a ‘Links’ page. Where websites swap links in this way, Google will just regard them as ‘giveaways’ and the effect will be zero. So if you are spending a lot of time swapping links, you are probably wasting your time.
There are of course many other ways people can link to your website and the hot topic at the moment is how links from Social Media contribute to your search engine optimization efforts. The simple answer they can count for a lot, but not always. In reality, the Google algorithms are so shrouded in secrecy that the effects of links from Social sites are largely hearsay, but every day experience seems to point towards inbound links from do have positive impact. Twitter is a good example – if someone has the Twitter plugin enabled on their site and they are ‘re-tweeting’ your content, then these links can show up.
A very effective way of boosting your site rankings is where links are incorporated within the body copy of someone else’s website. Maybe they have been blogging about something and have put a reference to your site with the text. These ‘natural’ links are worth their weight in gold and that of course means that they are the hardest to get!
Most importantly, bad links do hurt websites. Links to and from the massive ‘link-farm’ directories that are just out there to harvest as many links as possible can harm your site. Google knows these sites – avoid them and avoid anyone who sends you an email saying they can get your site listed in 1000 sites for just $50 dollars per month.


I am often asked about search engine optimization and ‘keywords’. Many people are still under the impression that it is possible to add a long list of key search terms and that will result in getting good placements within the ‘engines’. 10 years ago, that trick would have worked and with some search engines it was even working up until 3 or 4 years ago, so perhaps that is why the myth persists.
Whilst keywords are vital, unless you write good copy and incorporate relevant keywords into that copy, you will not get good listings. Google in particular is very clever at spotting text that has been stuffed with keywords that are repeated countless times.
In addition, it is very easy to go overboard with search engine optimization and forget that what matters just as much is the user experience. There is no point in driving traffic to your site, if when the customer arrives you fail to meet their expectations.
And NEVER EVER paste content from another website into your own – Google is brilliant at picking up duplicate content and it can detect who wrote it first. If it catches you – it could mean your site gets blacklisted for a long time.

Final snippet…

Did you know that importance is also placed on writing keyword rich tags for your images? It is so easy to add an image to a website and forget to complete the Title Tag, but in an increasingly competitive market place, even this could mean the difference between being first or second on the page.

Social Media

Well, I have finally found the time to put some effort into my own Social Media marketing (practising what I preach!).

My Facebook profile has been running for a while, but I am now making a much greater effort to update this with new site releases.

Twitter will also be used to update clients on what new releases I have made and also work in progress.

My LinkedIn profile has been running for many years, but I am intending to use that to publish occasional hints and tips for using your website effectively.

And finally, Google Plus, I am running that really just to promote all of the local businesses I have used in the Tunbridge Wells area (assuming they were any good. Google Plus is still in it’s infancy in the UK, but we shall see how it grows over the coming year.

Of course my blog continues as ever, but I plan to use that to publish more articles over the coming year.